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Talent Consulting

Talent Strategy Consulting

We guide businesses on how to best utilise talent for their projects, events, and campaigns. This includes advising on casting decisions, contract negotiation, and aligning talent with your brand's core values and objectives.


Contractual Guidance

We assist talents in understanding the complexities of their contracts and provide advice on negotiation points. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry offer talents the confidence and tools to navigate the complexities of contractual agreements.


Project Consulting

We advise on the planning and execution of talent-related projects. From script development to production planning, we ensure the effective integration of talent in all aspects of the creative process.


Brand Alignment

We help talents identify and synergise with brands for endorsements, partnerships, and campaigns. We carefully consider their image, career progression, and personal brand to match them with the perfect opportunities.


Image Consulting

We assist talents in crafting and maintaining their public image, aligning it strategically with their career goals and market trends. This includes coaching on media interactions, public speaking, and overall presentation.


Training and Development

We provide coaching to enhance the skills of talents, preparing them for media appearances and auditions. This equips them with a competitive edge in the industry.


Career Guidance

We provide insights and advice to talents on their career paths, leveraging our in-depth understanding of market trends and industry dynamics. This helps talents make informed decisions and strategise for their future in the industry.


Talent Marketing Strategy

We create and implement robust marketing strategies for talents, aimed at increasing their visibility and marketability in today's digital age. We utilise the latest digital marketing trends to ensure talent reach their target audiences effectively.

At Golding Talent Agency (GTA), we are committed to offering a comprehensive suite of talent consulting services, designed to empower talents and help businesses maximise their potential through strategic talent engagements.

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